We are just regular people who had an idea to bring more smiles to crisis situations.

The originator of the “Smiling Under My Mask” sticker is Anthony (above/left). He is a respiratory therapist and EMT, and he has a wife and three kids. He works at a local hospital. Anthony is a friendly guy, and smiled at one of his healthcare coworkers as they passed in the hallway, and realized that the other person probably couldn’t even tell he was smiling because of the N95 facemask he was wearing in addition to biohazard protocols. Morale amongst medical staff has also been at an all-time low because of the stress of maintaining public health amidst a pandemic. So he thought, how can we find a simple, hygienic and low cost means of brightening people’s days?  

His wife, Vanessa, drew up a smiley face sketch, and they collaborated with artist and designer Rachel Brask, to to design the digital version of the sketch, and her husband Pete who’s knowledgeable in graphic design and social media, and the “Smiling Under My Mask” sticker movement was born!

Nurses, doctors, and medical staff are encouraged to wear the sticker on their mask or uniform as a way to calm their patients and help them smile, as well as inspiring their colleagues to smile as well. All sorts of other folks can benefit from showing their smiles under their masks: nursing home staff, food and grocery distributors, volunteers, essential retail employees, postal and package carriers, daycare teachers and staff, EMTs, police and firefighters…the list goes on! 🙂

The printing for these stickers is graciously discounted by The Print Place in their support of our efforts to help the spread of smiles. 

How can YOU get involved?

  • Order stickers: Click here to order stickers
  • Post Instagram photos of you with your masks and stickers using the hashtag #SmilingUnderMyMask
  • Tag @smiling_under_my_mask with your photos of the stickers brightening someone’s day and be featured in our Instagram account
  • Snap a photo of you using the sticker(s) and email us your photo and we’ll feature it on our website and/or social media. Send to smilingundermymask@gmail.com
  • Help spread the word! Do you know someone or an organization who could use these?
  • Contact Us with any questions 
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