Order Stickers

How to place an order of Smiling Under My Mask stickers

If you are interested in ordering stickers for use in your medical or health facility or organization, please complete the form below. One of our volunteers will contact you by email with PayPal invoice payable by credit/debit card. We are making no profit off of this endeavor, we just need to cover the costs of printing and shipping 🙂

Sticker Pricing:
50 stickers for $7.00
100 stickers for $10.00
500 stickers for $40.00
Please email for a price quote for any other quantities.

After clicking “Submit” you will get a screen displaying your order confirmation, we recommend you save or print it for your records. You will receive a separate PayPal receipt when your order is paid.

Please DO NOT enter your credit/debit card info. That can be entered once you receive an official online invoice from us.

Your email or information will not be shared with any third parties.

Have additional questions? Email us: smilingundermymask@gmail.com

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